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Negative at 3 months time


I had protected sex with HIV infected partner on 17th April 2010.
I have used double condom(as she is a prostitue) during the sexual intercourse with her.i didnt touched or kissed any part of her body.I ran off after 6 mins of sexual intercourse.I didnt have the orgasm during that sexual intercourse because i ran off after 6 mins bcos i realised i am doing a mistake.she then kissed my lips with her lips and said thanks before i left.I rubbed my lips to my shirt immediately after that .We didnt lick each other lips its just she touched her lips with my lips.
After 8 weeks i was tested negative for HIV with HIV Rapid test.
Again on 17th July 2010(that is today) i have attended ELISA (HIV 1 & 2) tests.And the results says 0.175( less than .422 negative and greaterthan .422 Positive).I had this ELISA  test conducted at a good lab.When i visited the Urologist he said its negative only.

Is this test enough to confirm i am not infected ? I think its conducted at 3 months time exactly.
Does that kiss has anything to do ?
Why would some people say 6 months to confirm.?

Thanks in advance.
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Never double the condoms.It actually increases the risk of condom failure i.e breakage.Assuming that your condoms didn't break during the exposure you are not at risk.Even if your partner is HIV+ .HIV can't penetrate through condoms.You look effected much by your guilt of having sex with a CSW..

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Thanks for your answer.
My condom didn't broke..

Can anyone answer the following also :

Does this 3 month test conclusive ?
Does that kiss has anything to do ?
Why would some people say 6 months to confirm.?

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1) conclusive

2)kissing is Zero risk

3)This is in case of


b)taking anti-rejection drugs following an organ transplant,
or are CHRONIC, long term iv drug abusers and

c)severe auto immune disorders .

CDC guidelines says window period is 6months..which is conservative according to the experts themselves.If a person doesn't fall in categories- a) ,b) ,c) I have mentioned then 3 months is conclusive.

In your case you were never at risk.Testing was not required.

Always use condom and never share needles.
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3 months is conclusive.
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Thanks Chirag and Teak.
I have one final question.

I am having giddiness from last 30 days.
as said above 3 months back i had sex with a prostitute.at 3 months time that is last saturday i was tested negative.
When asked doctor he said that B12 is 284 which is low .He asked me to take 5 B12 injections for 5 days and then one injection every week after that till another 30days.

After 5 days of 5 injections i felt more dizziness.I have White tongue and dry throat.***

I couldn't figure out what has  caused this.Everything else is fine with me.Doctor suspects that it must be due to hypertension.
I had brain scanning and done and it was also fine.
BP is ok.no Spondylitis.no fever.

could anyone help me with this.
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Does this B12 has any affect in giving negative result since i had it is last 5days before the test ?
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