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Negative at 4.5 months !!

Hello Every body,

I'm so worried about an intercourse I had last december and I decided to ask those who may help me to clear up my worry.
So, on Dec. 25, I had an unprotected sex with a prostitute for about one hour. 20 days after the incident, I started having symptoms in the following order:
1- Sore throat which lasted for 2-4 days
2- Fever lasted for about two weeks. My temperature raised and dropped within that period.
3- Night sweats for 4 times apart within one month.
4- Diarrhea lasted for two weeks
5- Muscle aches for about four months, I am still having them.
5- Mild pain in my lymph nodes
6- Rash started one weak after the fever. Began on my abdomen to my chest and then spread to my face, neck, thighs and arms. The rash continued appearing for two months as small red/purple pimples with small white heads.
7- White coating on my tongue with some tiny red or purple dots.
8- Cold sore that appeared twice just beside my right mouth side. I noticed also some white rash in the inner side of my upper lip (small white dots).
9- I had also two small dots that itched at first and appeared on my lower eyelid.
10- Mild headache lasted for a week.

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hi there ;
i must say that i ve got the same situation and feeling as u have.
whitish coating that later appears on my girl frinds toung ,shivering,fatigue and so on...
i did 6 weeks test and it was neg.
i do not really know what makes it like this but , i am frightening of HIV ...
what makes it worse is my girl friend toung, she is also developing whitish coating and feeling weak...
maybe i just need to pray and ask god to forgive me ...
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Seek the help of a mental health professional. HIV is not your problem.
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I am just scared of the symptoms that I & my wife had. that mean it's sexually transmitted, right?
one other thing, not every HIV infected person will show antibodies by the three months. I have read here one HIV -positive who tested negative at six weeks and positive at 7 months. Also, the doc here refers to the "modern tests" and I don't think we have the last up to date tests here in my country. does it make any difference?
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