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Negative results of Bioline 3.0 Antibody test accurate after 100 days?

Hi all,

I had an unprotected heterosexual encounter with a woman approximately 4 months ago. I've had diarrhoea since 2 days after the exposure all the way to now but I travelled right after the exposure so may have caught a stomach bug.

The diarrhoea has persistent till now but I had pain shooting down my back and right leg along with lower-right abdominal pain for 2.5 months following the exposure. I also had burning pain while urinating but the doctor gave me doxycycline on two separate occasions to get rid of this -- it's still not fully gone.

As of late, my head has been spinning but I think all of my symptoms since the exposure are primarily due to stress/anxiety because I took the Bioline 3rd generation Antibody test along with the Bioline 3rd Generation Syphillis test at 104 days and BOTH TESTS CAME BACK NEGATIVE.

Do I need any more testing or should I attribute this these issues to anxiety or non-HIV related causes?

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Conclusive. Dont need anymore tests.
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Your test is conclusive, and you can be 100% certain that you did not get HIV.
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I agree with CurfewX that your test is 100% conclusive and you do not have HIV.
I'm still a little concerned because I've got what appears to be thrush, head spinning (after eating a meal), pain in the neck, loss of weight and a general state of mental disorientation that have begun after this negative test. Is another test required or am I worrying myself sick? I think the persistent stress has really screwed up my gut so it could just be related to that. Thoughts?
You have no medical training, yet have unrealistic 100% confidence in your ability to diagnose disease, and no confidence in the science that shows that you don't have disease. See a therapist to discuss this and put yourself out of your misery, instead of letting your mind continue to play tricks on your reasoning and continue to ruin your life. The first step to peace is to quit googling for death cold turkey and the second is to cold turkey stop examining your body trying to find clues to back up your theories.
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