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Negative test buts swollen lymph nodes

I had an exposure about 10 months ago. Which did not include anal, vaginal or anal sex. Anyways 8 weeks after the exposure i started feeling pain in my neck and lumps. The pain and swollen lymph nodes are still available to this moment. On a regular STD test (8 months after exposure) i tested for HIV antibodies which was negative. I did not have any exposures after this but my neck is in severe pain. I tested while having the swollen lymph nodes. I am really scared that the test did not pick up the antibodies. Is that a possibility?
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It doesn't sound like you ever had a risk for HIV, so testing was not necessary.
Thank you, but even if there was a risk are my tests conclusive? and does the lymph nodes seem like they are from HIV?
Your test is conclusive.  You don't have HIV.
Thank you again but what about the swollen lymph nodes?
That's a question for your doctor.  We can't diagnose the non-HIV cause of your lymph nodes.
Can i tell you my exposure so you can evaluate it? She CSW used some kind of oil on her breasts but she kept her shorts on the whole time. Anyways she gave me a handjob with oil then i sucked her breasts which also had oil on them. She also rubbed my penis on her nipples which had oil on them. Is that a risk?
Nothing you've described is a risk. Plus you've tested conclusively negative. Do go see your doctor for your NON HIV symptoms since you already have proof that it's NOT HIV.
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Am sorry about your swollen lymph nodes.Kindly get them checked and forget about HIV which you were never exposed to.
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I also have swollen lymph nodes and come from similar Situation.

HIV is the least likely cause, but other causes could be stds such as gonorrhea chlamydia syphilis etc.

There's a good chance it may not be those either and could be caused by a more general infection such as uti, ngu or even viral infection like herpes.

Also, anti biotics could cause this.
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