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Neurological symptoms of HIV?


About 4-5 weeks ago I was on holiday to Greece and one night I went out on my own. I was extremely drunk and dont remember hardly anything from the night. There were lots of hookers there and because I was on my own they were coming up to me a lot. I remember at the start of the night saying no to all of them but dont remember what happened the rest of the night. This made me very paranoid because I got thinking, 'What if i did have sex with one of them?'. This would be completely not like me as I would never consider having sex with a sex worker. Also I had condoms in my wallet so if the un thinkable happened then I would have almost certianly used one. Anyway this is why I'm worrying.

Two days after this I was feeling pretty sick and just genereally unwell. I'm pretty sure you dont get any symptoms 2 days after possible exposure do you? Anyway, these symptoms carried on for about a week after I got back. I put this down to something I eat and just had got an infection. Ever since then I haven't had consistant excrement. I wouldnt say I had diarrhea but I would say the excrement was not as solid as normal. Then about 5 days ago I started to become a little constipated. I have also had a slight throat infection which has lasted about 2 weeks and sometimes feel sick after or during eating although I havent been sick yet.

So I went to the doctors and they said it is most likely I got a bug from on holiday. They made me do a solid sample and I got this back today and the result was 'normal'. This has made me worried because I was wishing there would be something wrong with it so I could blame my symptoms on a bug.

Now the most worrying thing is that for the last 2 weeks I have been 'shaky'. My hands and feet shake. Not uncontrollably but if I put my hands out in front of me I can see the fingers shaking. I have also started to feel a slight numbness in my hands and slightly in my legs. This numbness isn't a loss of feeling, more like a kind of burning feeling. I havent read about shaking being a kind of HIV symptom but I know numbness can be.

I have read about neurological signs being a symptom of HIV but from what I have read these symptoms appear months or years after infection not only 3-4 weeks after??

Also, Is shaking a possible symptom of HIV?

Another thing is that when I went to see the doctor last week she checked my temperature and said it was fine. Would it be high if I was infected?

I hope you can help as I am very worried. Thanks!

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there are no specific symptoms unfortunately, if you think you had a risk, go get tested.
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i am not sure how to answer you becuase i am nt sure that you even know your risk. but as  frank304 said if you think you had a risk then test at 6-8 weeks to get a good indication and at 12 weeks for your conclusive results.
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basically Im just scared incase I did have sex with a hooker. I just wanted to know if anyone could tell me how soon neurological symptoms can occur?
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symptoms are completely variable and irrelevant, test if you need peace of mind. 6 weeks would be enough in your situation with a (possible but most likely not) potential exposure.
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Ok will do. So what are the chances in terms of a percentage or ration of getting infected if you have unprotected sex with someone who is positive?
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Around 1/2000 for a male according to the CDC, unless you engaged in riskier actions
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