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Non Detection of Anti-Bodies


I had a 4th Gen HIV 1&2 Anitbody + p24 CMIA test done, 5.5 months after exposure.
The results were negative.

My only concern is this Quora article where Mr. Kuan Tan talks about a rare set of people who never produce Anitbodies to HIV, in the section "Unknown – Sero-Negative HIV Infections", the link is : https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-latest-best-information-on-the-HIV-test-window-period

While I understand that the chances are unlikely, it is causing me some paranoia and preventing me from moving on.

Please help.
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Thanks guys. Just that its difficult to move on when you see this. Makes you wonder if you are one of those rare specimens.

I trust my results. Needed some clarity on what to make of that article.
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And don't listen to Notsoimportant either. After a 5.5 month negative, your exposure or any possible symptoms are meaningless.

Stay safe.
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You are conclusively negative. Don't listen to Mr Kuan Tan.
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