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Non-Reactive Result (0.081)

I tested myself for HIV 1+2. The results came out as non-reactive.
In the parameters the non-reactive range was mentioned as < 0.1. My result was mentioned as non-reactive (0.081). What does this mean?
Am I a borderline case?
Will the value increase over time?
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value doesn't matter it can be lower or higher. if the test is non reactive than it is what it says regardless of number result. what i don't understand is why people test and then don't ask their physician any question they have about a test. That is what they are paid for and ultimately have a better understanding than say somebody like myself explaining it over the internet.
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Thanks a lot.
My problem was that the test was not recommended by a doc. Hence the results were given to me at a counter in the hospital by a nurse. I was not sure if I needed any doc consultation.
Thanks a ton fagain or the immediate response.
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you didn't really need a consultation but you could have asked the nurse and she would have had to explain or the doctor.
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Aftter how many weeks you have tested? This is important factor in antibody test.
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