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Not sure if sign of early infection and can diabetes be ARS

I have been having diarrhea, dry lips and a swollen lymph node in the neck after 7 weeks post exposure.
I took a oraquick test at 8 weeks post exposure(one week after my symptoms of 7 weeks). Test was negative. Node went down but diarrhea remains.

I tested negative with a new girlfriend before we started unprotected sex doing the pull out method or condom finish.  We tested at the start before we did it but again 2 and a half months  later rapid test. Negative.  

1. Is diarrhea, swollen gland node in neck and dry lips at 6-7 weeks Ars symptoms?
2. If it was are, would my oraquick test pick it up a week after gland stopped swelling at 8 weeks?
3. Are diabete symptoms a side effect of ars

I’m really worried that the tests we did before starting unprotected sex wasn’t accurate because of the it being those 15 minute ones at a clinic. Actually, can a rapid test give you hiv if the person giving it at planned parenthood didn’t know how to use it? Sorry for all the questions
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You are conclusively negative for HIV so need to move on from that fear. No one can infect you in a clinic giving an hIv test. Doctors can't diagnose hiv from symptoms and you shouldn't waste your time trying to do that either.
You haven't had a diabetes test so that is more guessing with no facts.
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The clinic issue is very good to know thank you. Only reason it bothered me is because between  4-8 weeks symptoms are  typical ars (7 weeks for me) in one of those pamphlets they hand out. Was wondering if it was ars would the test pick it up a week later.   Correct, I will have to do diabete test, I have to check if my clinic gives those.  
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Diabetes aint related to ars.
Ars symptoms are very vague and useless for uto think too much.
I dont know what generation of test u used, but i believe u r negative
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Whatever planned parenthood is using in the USA currently. 15 minutes ah rapid finger prick.  
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