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Nurse poked whit lancet for HIV pt

Today I was teaching a pt how to use a glucose meter and lancet ,the pt had a hard time taking the lancet out of a device; the lancet finally came out and  landed on my led and poke me. I asked pt if have any other conditions besides diabetes and she said HIV!. I'm worry, I reported the the office manager and I got tested right away, and I have to be tested for a year. What are the chances I can get infected with the virus. Thanks.
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You can NOT get HIV from a lancet, even with a confirmed + patient for many reasons.

ONE, any infected blood on the surface area of the lancet would not remain active when exposed to the elements.  TWO, there would not be enough blood to cause a risk.  THREE, a lancet only makes a very small, superficial cut in the skin to obtain a capillary blood sample, in order to get HIV, the virus has to have access to the bloodstream, which cannot happen with a lancet stick.

Your employer will still have you go through their exposure protocol, bue to liability reasons.  You had NO risk and do not need to worry.
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No risk,lancets can't transmit HIV.
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Did you talk to one of the Drs. You work with about this?
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No disrespect, but I know there is chances!
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Absolutely; they said risk are very low, but I would like to hear this from others!!! Percentage maybe!!!
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It's an occupational exposure so you are just going through that process but it's not a risk at all and no one tests out to a year either.If they thought it was a genuine risk then why weren't you started on PEP?

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