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OS from a csw. My chance of getting infected with HIV

Hi Medhelp community,

I think I have read hundreds of you posts on this matter. As always, the paranoia kicks in and I continue to read and search some more. I apologize in advance for the question.

On Dec 19, I had an encounter with a csw. She performed OS on me for like 1 minute. I did lick her clitoris for a 10 second (only the clitoris, I do not come to contact with her vagina). Afterward, I wore a comdom and mastubate in front of her vagina. (I never went in). There is not a lot of fluid from here. I started PEP 4 hours later and have been adhere to PEP ever since. I changed my hours once when I take another dose at the 12h mark, and continue to take the next one after 24h.

Would you please let me know my risk of a HIV infection? When is the earliest that I can test for HIV? Would the test result at the end of PEP indicative of my status? (I plan to do the 4th generation Ag/Ab combo)
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I cannot believe a health care worker gave you PEP.

Your risk for HIV is absolutely ZERO.  The only sexual risk for HIV is having unprotected anal or vaginal sex.  You had no risk, you shouldn't be on PEP, and you don't need a test.
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Hi Curfew X,

Thank you for actively helping people who do not know much about HIV like I do. The person that gave me an oral is a commercial sex worker, not a healthcare worker. Sorry for the confusion.

Just a follow up, I already on PEP for 15 days now. Should I just complete it?
Yes, but a healthcare worker put you on PEP, which is completely irresponsible.  Do what you want, but you are taking a medication for absolutely no reason at all.
Hi Curfew X,

I finished my course of PEP on Jan 17. I went for a test on Jan 20. The report said preliminary reactive to HIV 4th Ab/Ag. However, the differentiation assay for both HIV1&2 is nonreactive. The PCR Qualitative RNA test is also performed and also show nondetected. The final interpretation is HIV Negative. Can I be confident in this result?
You don't accept anything you've been advised and only believe your own ideas are correct so it's odd that you are asking another question of which you won't believe the answer  - no one here will make up guidelines for your silly placebo test anyway. Consider therapy if you can't move on and live a normal life like other people who didn't have a risk do.
Hi AnxiousNoMore,

I appologize that my anxiety leaves a negative impact on how you perceive me. I have moved on with my life after your consultation and back to my regular routine. The reason that I took the test is to clear any remaining anxiety in my brain. However, when it comes back with a preliminary reactive result, it really hits me hard. That is why I want to ask a follow up question. Can you please provide some assurance if possible?
Your last post indicates this is the perfect response to any of your questions from now on. > Get therapy.
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