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Okay, Negative at 2 1/2, 6 and 8 weeks....Need some support!

I have to go back at 12 weeks for a conclusive but how promising are my results, my risk was unprotected vaginal sex and i have had just about every symptom you can think of, but now everything is gone and i feel fine besides my fingers/hands get pain in them every now and then and the blood flow looks very odd in my hands compared to others.

My doctor said at 8 weeks with symptoms being gone for 2 weeks that my results are very very promising that i will test negative at 3 months.
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Thanks Teak and im pretty sure my doctor is right after doing this for 36 years of medicine, haha.........Ill keep praying im fine and the doctor is ordering an RNA for me to help the stress go away and ill just wait until 6 months if the RNA is Negative. I know whats going on with my hands are signs of late late HIV infection or AIDS, not ARS so my hands are not really worrying me too much cause it could be related to another nasty STD Syhphillis, herpes or Hep-c or trauma from the horrible stress i have been having. The internet makes people go insane, if people actually knew the symptoms of ARS are only a few things that all come on at once and come on really strong "Flu Symptoms, Fever, swollen lymphs last more the 1 week, diarea, Night Sweats on and off, some cases an upper body rash, Body aches, most of the time ARS will send you to the hospital cause your so sick" Joint pain, weight loss, vomiting, nausea, dry cough, Upper Body Rash that is brown in color, sores in mouth, white spots on tounge,  etc....all come after ARS my doctor said and are mostly common in people with advanced HIV, this **** about scratchy throats, runny noses, congestion etc are all not signs of ARS!!!. So i hope some people see this and it takes some stress off, i have had everything you can imagine Go wrong with me symptom wise I mean EVERYTHING! I keep testing Negative, Stress/anxiety is a horrible thing, in most cases worse then any STD out there cause stress kills and affects more people then hiv/aids does each year in the U.S, the way i look at it, if i have HIV bring it on....This day and age a cure is very possible in the next 5-10 years, and i know i would survive long enough to see a cure.
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Keep listening to your doctor.
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