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On PEP and feeling like I Wana kill myself pls help

Hi,I already have a fear of HIV and I went for a blood draw 4 days ago,the nurse did use a new syringe but there was a white tube involved that I am so scared that she maybe reused on me.the next day I went to the clinic and said I had unprotected sex and got the PEP regimen and now it's my 3rd day taking it .this is the second time in my life taking PEP. Do you guys think I am being stupid and should stop taking the tablets.i don't Wana do this to myself but I am scared out of my mind. Pls help
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If the syringe is new, there is nothing you need to worry about.
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You can't get hiv from a blood draw.
I agree with these two.  The overthought is your anxiety/ocd.  We can't help you  by continuing to reassure you.  You need to work on your mental health with a professional.  Those with ocd often continue to ask for reassurance and our giving it just continues the cycle.  Please seek help for your mental health issues. As to your title of this post, that is never the answer. There are places to call and people that can help. Many who have extreme anxiety and ocd that includes intrusive thought become depressed.  Please seek professional help for this.  
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At this point, everyone has reassured you.  Continuing to ask for it is part of the ocd/anxiety cycle.  It isn't useful at this point and you need to seek medical attention if you are suicidal.  You also should work on treating the ocd/anxiety aggressively.
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Yes, it is real in your mind - but a chat forum can't help you at all. Try the therapy again because you are wasting your life when you go on forums.
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Your anxiety is out of control but this is just an hiv prevention forum - and you don't have hiv.

Seek therapy, because lying in order to get a medication that you shouldn't take shows that you need professional therapy - no one on a chat line can provide that help.
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Hi I know my situation sounds unreal but to me it's so real and I feel like I am going to be HIV infected this time even tho I had no sex and I don't do drugs. I just want someone to talk to and I have tried therapy and medication .it just doesn't help.
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