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One time exposure to brothel worker in mainland china

Condom broke with a  female brothel worker in china. I am a male with no known std and also circumcised as well.  I am worried about hiv. it has been 11 days no signs of any stds at all so far.  I am very worried and losing sleep. I am having a hard time concentrating on work now.  So far just a cough about 2 days after wards but that started before the contact. What are my chances of infection. Have you known any one that has contracted hiv from one time exposure
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Try to relaxe. I'm in the same situation. I asked about what are my odds of infections to Dr. HHH. He told me there is a risk, of course, but it's very low (around 1 case in 1000 if the lady is HIV +).

Wait for the right time to test (see what LIZZIE LOU wrote above).

I wish you luck
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The government put the rate at `1.5 percent for CSW in china.  It is believed that CSW in china often have sex with no condom. It makes me think if so many are having condom-less sex in china yet there is only about 780,000 cases if hiv total in a country with 1/5 the population.   Maybe this just shows that hiv is not so easy to catch heterosexually?  Of course with millions of exposures there will be some I suppose.  Not that I plan on being unprotected in future. Just found a lovely Chinese girlfriend I love allot and don't want to hurt her.  
Strange thing was she asked for more money once condom broke.  Same  brother on tried to get more money for unprotected!    
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hiv is not diagnosed by symptoms or lack thereof.

contrary to popular belief...most csw's don't have hiv.  they have sex for a living and use condoms to protect themselves from you.

either a duo test at 4 weeks or a stand alone antibody test will give you a very good indication of your status.  follow up at 3 months for that conclusive result.
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Nothing to worry about. Just have a test at 3 months, collect your negative result, and move on with your life.
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