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Open wound to blood HIV infection

Three week ago, I had unprotected oral sex / masturbation with a girl of unknown HIV-status. Thirty minutes prior the act, I cut myself on the right index with a beer bottle cap. The cut was about 1 mm deep and I bled for about 15 minutes. The cut did not required stitches and healed in about a week and a half.

I gave her oral sex for about 10 minutes while fingering her with my index and middle fingers. When I pulled my fingers out of her vagina, I realized they were covered with blood. It was not heavily covered, but my skin was orange/reddish including my index finger wound.  The blood was coming from clitoris which was probably cut by my teeth while I was performing the cunnilingus. I also had some of her blood in my mouth mixed with saliva and realized that I was cut on the inner upper lips. I also remember having applied relatively heavy pressure with my fingers inside her vagina. We did not penetrative sex after realizing she was bleeding.

I've been suffering from anxiety since the exposure. The girl refused to get tested for HIV since she was convinced she was clean and told me I shouldn't worry. I later learned that she had unprotected sex in the past year with at least one partner which only contributed to increase my anxiety.

I've been reading a lot in the literature and forums about the possibility of getting infected by HIV through:
1) Unprotected Oral Sex
2) Open wound to blood exposure

People seemed to agree on the fact that the risk on contracting HIV orally is really low, mostly due to the fact that saliva contains enzymes that would destroy the virus instantly. However, I consider my "orally exposed situation" as one of the worst you could get due to the presence of a fresh cut and my partner's blood in my mouth. Would the presence of saliva still act as a barrier in that case? Does it represent a relatively high risk exposure?

My other questions relates the finger open wound exposure. I am still confused about the notion of "open wound" when it comes to HIV infection. Is the fact that my wound wasn't bleeding at the moment of exposure contributes to reducing the risk of contracting HIV. How deep a cut has to be to be considered at risk for HIV transmission? Would the fact that I was rubbing my finger/cut on fresh blood increase the chance of contracting the virus? Is the fact that I was "inside" her vagina also increase those chances?

I am just confused about the whole contraction risk assessment for a situation like mine since I find some contradiction on what's written on the Internet. Why would the receiving end of an anal intercourse be more at risk that a direct blood contact like mine, since blood carry more viral load? Which other STD should I be more concerned considering my type of exposure? I am mostly thinking of Hep C...

I am planing on getting a blood test for HIV 3 months but in the meantime, I would love to have a good opinion on the situation to try to reduce my anxiety. I know it's a lot of questions and I appreciate your help. Thank you!
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You never had an exposure. Fingering isn't a risk, even if you had a cut, nick, abrasion or a pulled hangnail.
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