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This one is for Teak or Dr. HHH:

I took part in risky behavior during early-to-mid-September and had been experiencing various symptoms throughout October.  Today I went and had an OraQuick HIV test done; the process included sticking my finger and result returned 20-30 minutes later.  They were negative.

My question is, what is the likelihood that these results are concrete in relation to this time frame?  Please help put my mind at ease.

Thank you in advance!
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A three month antibody tests is considered conclusive.  It sounds like its been about two months for you.  A negative test after two months is highly encouraging as the overwhelming majority of people infected with HIV will show antibodies by that time.

If you don't mind me asking what was your potential risk?  If it was unprotected penetrative sex (vaginal or anal) testing out to three months would be recommended.
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It was unprotected anal, so how conclusive would you say the OraQuick is based on that alone?
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Teak, Dr. HHH, anyone?  Glad I resorted to this forum.
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3 month conclusive, stick it out a bit longer and get tested then for peace of mind :)
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Like you've been advised, to get a conclusive test result, you'll have to wait out the 3 months.
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Why does Massachusetts Health Dept. say that 6 weeks is conclusive and the CDC says 3 months?  Any info on their reasoning, Teak?

Thank you for the info!
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