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Oral Oral Oral

Hello there

Can any one tell me the risk about my exposure.

Unprotected Oral means girl sucked my penis. Can you tell me my risk level.

Will you advice me for testing?

Is there any documented cases so far when i person got any disease by the above exposure

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The odds of contracting hiv through an oral exposure is a low but quantifiable risk, other diseases are more common-such as herpes / syphilis / gonorrhea /chlamydia, ect...so be leery of unprotected oral sex, it's not without it's consecquences as some may suggest. I hope this was of helpful to you...


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My advise: Always practice safe sex (even for oral). Although HIV risk from oral exposures is zero (for practical purposes - said by the doctors), there are other STD's that can be transmitted this way.

So, unless you are certain of the "cleanliness" of your partner please practice safe sex.

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Can i forget about this and move on?
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Like I said. Google around a little and you will find that there hasn't been a documented case of HIV infection from oral sex. It appears as there might've been some cases but the information on these cases is very vague and doesn't completely supports them so they have been disregarded.

Research a little and you will find lots of info on oral exposures to hiv.

I there was even a risk, it would be to the receiving partner not the insertive one.

Hope this helps.
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So u mean to tell that, if a girl sucks a pennis of guy, there is no risk?
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Risk = None (In accordance with this forum doctors)

Google around a little bit and you will find how agressive is saliva and the whole mouth environment to the virus.

You're fine.
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