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Oral Sex/Oraquick

On January 8th, I performed oral sex on a guy and he ejaculated in my mouth and I swallowed some semen before he pulled out. That following week I had an onset of symptoms that would come in go for the next month or so: sore throat on one side, one swollen lymph node on the side of my neck, post nasal drip on same side as sore throat, headache & dizziness, pins and needles all over my body (this lasted for months but could be due to anxiety/hormonal imbalance) etc. I freaked out and took 3 Oraquick tests at 83, 93, & 97 days post exposure. All were negative. Is this conclusive? Can I stop worrying about false negatives?
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Even if I had a greater exposure than just oral sex, would my Oraquick tests be conclusive?
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Or would I have to follow up the 93/97 day negative tests with a rapid blood test?
What is the 'greater exposure' and make sure it is not an anxiety notion unrelated to what sexual experience you've had in your life.  
I just was hoping to know the reliability of Oraquick tests in case I am the 1/5000 infected by oral sex or from the unprotected vaginal exposure I had months previous to my oral exposure. I appreciate your help. Just was hoping to know the reliability of Oraquick post 3 months.
Yes, it is accurate and you do not have HIV.  good luck
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Getting HIV is well studied and very specific.  The only ways adults get HIV is from having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  That's it.  There has never been a proven, documented case of HIV from unprotected oral sex. Air and saliva are said to deactivate this very fragile virus.  Since you just state your only exposure is oral sex, you were never at risk.  Negative tests are expected which is what you had and there is no reason to take another one.  Lymph nodes react for many reasons as it is part of an immune response.  You can get that if you are fighting a cold. And your other symptoms are that OF a cold so it makes sense.  HIV is never diagnosed by symptoms for your information anyway.  Only tests are used to diagnose HIV as it is straight forward.  Your risk was zero.  This is not HIV related.  
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You never had to worry, nobody yet has ever been proven to get HIV from oral sex.  It's always possible you coincidentally got something else like allergies or a cold, but if you're an anxiety sufferer, you could very well be doing this to yourself.  This is particularly so if you have some guilt about sexual activity.  It's also next to impossible for an untrained person to know if they have a swollen lymph node or not.  I have no idea why you're feeling these things, but if you didn't feel any of these symptoms until this incident and you have a phobia about HIV or guilt about sex that could be your answer.  
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I went to the doctor and they also diagnosed that the one lymph node in my neck was swollen but I tested negative for strep.
But I have had major anxiety about HIV for about 9-10 months now, but I didn’t feel the onset of pins and needles until after this exposure which is what worried me. But I have seen that this can be caused by anxiety.
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