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Oral Sex

I am a male 46 years of age.  On February 19th I received unprotected oral sex from a female.  Two days after the event I had a white sore / thrush on my inner cheek.  On Feb 26th I threw out my back.  The Ortho doctor prescribed me a steroid via pills.  On March 3 I woke up with a white tongue which I scraped off (thrush).  On March 4th I woke up with white coating on gums. I also had diarrhea.  I immediately had a an Hiv test which was negative.  I know this test was useless because it was way to soon.  I only hope the coating / thrush is a result of the steroids.  But my first sore was prior to the steroids.

How scared should I be?

When should I test?

How long must I refrain from unprotected sexual activity with my partner.
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You had absolutely zero risk for HIV.  The ONLY sexual risk for HIV is having unprotected, penetrative anal or vaginal sex with someone of unknown status.

How scared should I be? - not at all.  

When should I test? - never.  You had zero risk for HIV.  There's no reason to test for a disease that you cannot possibly have.

How long must I refrain from unprotected sexual activity with my partner. - you can resume sexual activity at any time since you do NOT have HIV.
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Thanks for your response.  What do you think about the thrush?  That is what initially got me concerned.  
This forum is specific to HIV concerns. Since it is established that you didn't have a risk, please post your thrush related query in relevant forum. It has nothing to do with HIV.
Since you don't have Hiv there is nothing to think about since your thrush theory is unscientific. This is not a mouth forum, so you have to see doctors for your questions because no can diagnose from here here nor can you.
The internet is not my friend.  Some doctors who use to be on medhelp sometimes say you can test after receiving oral.  I am nervous.
No doctor here on this panel ever recommended testing for receiving oral sex. I have personally never read or come across any such response from Dr. HHH or Dr. Hook when they were here.

There is not even a single documented case of HIV contraction from recieving oral sex in the history of this disease. You are not going to be the peculiar one.

If your problem is cyberchondria you need to switch of your phone to searching HIV incessantly and if your problem is hypochondria you have to deal with it seeing a therapist.

CurfewX has already given you a detailed explanation on your incident being associated with no risk. No testing is warranted. This is the best this forum can offer you. HIV is not your concern. For anxiety support
or other discomforts please post in relevant forum.
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