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Oral Ulcer, Palm Rash and Diarrhoea symptoms

Hi, I had unprotected sex about 3 weeks ago. On the 17th day, I woke up with two oral ulcers (one in the central lower gum, the other in the upper right gum). At late afternoon, I noticed small rashes on both my palm.

The next day, day 18th, I had 2 watery bowel movements, liquid stools. And I also have slight feeling of dizziness.

I had an oral swab hiv test on the 19th day, it was negative. But I am still very worried.

I took several oral body temp and it ranges from 36.6-37.1 celsius, armpit temp is 35.8-36.3 celsius. I read up and it says 37.7 celsius is considered fever for oral temp and 37.2 for armpit temp.

Today is the 20th day and the oral ulcers are healing, no pain. I went toilet twice today and my stools are still watery. The rashes are still on my palm, very light coloured but I think my palm always had brownish pinkish pigmentation. Here is a pic of it - http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/849/photocx.jpg/

I know to take the hiv test at the 3 month period and that no answers are definitive now but I am really worried and would like to hear some advice and support after reading up on the past posts here. Are these symptoms acute hiv infection ? Any help is really appreciated..
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You can obtain a conclusive negative test result 3 months post exposure.
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Thanks I read that online.. But are my symptoms common for acute hiv infection ? I didn't have fever and I posted a pic of what I thought is my palm rash..
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