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Oral Warts

In the bathroom mirror this evening I noticed a smooth, round, wart like raised growth on my upper lip just on the line where my lips meet.  I tried to pierce it with a needle and it bled, very solid.  I am assuming this is HPV but what worries me is that I've read that oral wart occurrence is a possible HIV symptom.  I don't have any other risk than the very minor oral risks I have mentioned before.  Does this sound like oral HPV and if so should I get tested for HIV.  I am thinking I might do it just to get this out of my mind.
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Its not related to hiv because you never had a risk.Talk to your doctor about it.
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Booked into the sexual health clinic tomorrow.  Going to get it looked at as well as an HIV test.  I'm hoping it is nothing serious or STD related.
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Your wasting your time testing for hiv because you never had a risk in the first place.
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I kinda agree, I definitely know that oral exposure is low risk but I've had weird symptoms like strange arthritis in my feet, then this growth on my lip, that and all the stuff on the web is enough to get the mind going.  Testing is free here and if it gets this worry out of my head, its worth it.  In the meantime your comments are definitely going to help me sleep.
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Oral sex is not LOW it is no risk.
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If you troll the net its just going to cause you more anxiety.Stick to the facts and you can,t go wrong.Your symptoms are not hiv related.And you can sleep well because you had no risk.
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Just to post a folloowup, went to the STI clinic and got the standard STD tests.  Turns out they don't test for HIV on Thursday or something dumb.  The nurse repeated the CDC risk number of 1 in 10000 for receptive oral and 0.5 in 10000 for giving.  When asked she said she has never seen anyone get HIV giving head, everyone she's seen engaged in unprotected sex.  As for the wart, the STI doctor I saw had no idea what it was, mentioned some kind of cyst but didn't think it was an STI or STI related.  It is almost gone now.  Could be a mucocele.   The one they primarily offer is the Rapid test which is the one that is most likely to give you a false positive.  Anyway I decided not to bother with the test, not worth the hassle given the minimal or no risk (aka Teak).

The frightening thing she told me is that there are over 130,000 people infected with HIV in the province of Ontario where I live.  Furthermore she said she sees 1-2 new infections/month in her office from unprotected sex.  She said it is because of "safe-sex exhaustion", people essentially sick of using condoms so they don't bother and have unsafe sex.  Was pretty surprising.
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