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Oral sex and 14 weeks rapid test

4 months ago, I put myself in a risky position. I went to a massage woman and she performed an oral sex for me that lasted about 2 -3 min. After few days I had sore throat (not serious) but without fever. During 1 week to 3 months, I developed a few more of symptoms like rash (I’m not sure. They were small red dots), my right leg hurt (I’m not sure if it is ARS muscle pain). After that I went to the hospital and did few HIV rapid tests
- 10 days: Negative
- 6 weeks: Negative
- 11 weeks : Negative
- 13 weeks: Negative
- 14 weeks: Negative

The problem is after 13 weeks, I thought I was safe and had sex with my GF without condom. However, after 2 weeks, she is having a fever (38-39 C), headache and sore throat… I’m now extremely anxious and guilty. 2 or 3 days ago, it was raining and we went out without raincoats. Is it because of this issue? Can you please help me? Should I do a test again in 6 months? How about the risk of transferring to my GF? Thank you
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Hi, you never had a risk for hiv from oral sex so no testing is needed and your symptoms are not related.
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You had no HIV risk and never needed to test, and now your tests prove you don't have HIV
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Thank you for your answer but my GF have flu like symptom make me worry and CDC testing guide recommend do another test after 6 months. The fever is ok now after 1 and half days. Is this HIV related?
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if i were you kang i would test again at 6 months it is your safety that is at risk .i myself had a similar situation and i will test again at six months .judging from what doctors have said and readings i have done early tests seem to be a good source of income for laboratories but generally come up negative .so no need to test your gf every week .testing can become expensive .i found that out the hard way {let my anxiety empty my wallet}.but my gp didnt offer me any advice on test windows so i did not know any better .he never scheduled follow ups completly 0 guidance .the last visit i had he gave me a test slip i didnt even ask for it and he told me [you can test in 2 weeks you can test in a month i dont care].so from my experince no one else is going to care about you or your gf like you and your gf .so for what its worth protect yourself and use condoms to prevent reinfections of whatever it may be .good luck
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You do not need another test at six months!!!!!!!!

It will be a complete waste of time and money!

The six month test window applies back to 2nd generation tests, we are so much more advanced now with 4th gen tests, apart from that, YOU DID NOT HAVE A RISK FROM ORAL SEX!

Don't let this consume your life like I did for a long time, you had no risk and have tested beyond 3 months which are now old guidelines for older tests anyway!

You do not have HIV, forget it and move on, - do not listen to anyone who says you need a test at six months, this is INCORRECT information!
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Thank you. The test I did is anti hiv rapid test not 4th gen test, I'm not sure which generation is this? Can you please help me?
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Hi there,

It could be a 4th gen or maybe a 3rd gen, either way it does not matter, it was outside of the window period and you did NOT have a risk of HIV from the above,

Kang, you really do not have HIV, read it, read it again and start to believe it - YOU DO NOT HAVE HIV!

I promise you!

All the best
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Thank you. I hope that too...
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Kang, - you don't need to "hope" anything - YOU DO NOT HAVE HIV!

You need to get your head around that fact, you had a no-risk event followed by multiple NEGATIVE tests!

You do not have HIV!!!

Lap it up fella!
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Hi rocket,

Because of my symptoms and also my GF having HIV symptoms exactly 2 weeks after... make me worry. Thank you a lot
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Kang - buddy!

You cannot give your girlfriend something you do not have - you are feeling guilty for having a blowjob outside of your relationship.

Was this wrong, okay, yes, can you learn from your mistake - yes!  Learn and don't do it again although there was never a risk of HIV anyway you also did the caring and responsible thing of getting tested - your test prove fully that you do not have HIV! :)

You are HIV Negative and have not given it to your GF! :)

You must accept this buddy...
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