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Oral sex exposure but negative ab/ag test at 3+ years


I know this question seems ridiculous.

But, I’m going to ask anyhow.

I performed oral sex on another male in late 2014. This was a one time event and happened for all of 3 minutes, there was no pre *** as he didn’t even get erect. This saw the end of my bi-curious life. It just wasn’t for me.

Any way, I didn’t think much about this event for 3+ years until I had a bout of sore throat/tonsillitis problems. The doctor ran a blood test and noticed that my white blood cell count was extemely low. She asked if I’ve ever engaged in drugs, sex workers or gay sex. Too which I said no, at this time I didn’t even think about my small experience 3+ years prior. I also forgot to mention to the doctor that I had a full sti screening 3 months prior due to my partner and I going through IVF which included A 4th gen HIV antigen/antibody test which was negative. At the time of this test I would of been 3 years 4 months post possible exposure.
I did send all results to the doctor once I remembered, she then ordered another blood test in 2 weeks.
This test showed a normal white blood cell count.

Fast forward to 2019, now 4+ years post exposure and quickly approaching 5 years.

What has raised my anxiety about HIV is that my partner had a health scare earlier on in the year, her blood test showed an enlarged liver numbers, the doctor ordered a stomach scan to check all of her organs, this came back normal and so did later blood tests. The doctor put it down to a stomach infection brought on possibly by food poisoning. What has scared me about this whole situation is the fact that the doctor again mentioned HIV, albeit also said he can rule it out 100% in the same breath.

Since then I have been checking my body everyday for symptoms, I had what I thought was balantsis about a month ago which has cleared up, I can feel a rather large lymph node under my jaw line but only when i tense the muscles in my jaw “it goes away when I relax it” and I have had pimple like rash around my belly button, which is now growing hair from said pimples.

I have also since contacted the guy I performed oral on multiple times and he has stated multiple times that he gets tested every 3-4 months and is clean. He is approaching 60 also.

So now the questions

Is one 4th gen antigen antibody test preformed in a lab 3+ Years post possible exposure conclusive?

Would you consider everything I’ve said to be mere coincidence and normal for someone approaching 30?

What is making this whole situation worse is the lack of a definitive stance of hiv and oral sex, their are some sites which state the practice as very very low, others say low or negligible and others say no risk like this great website. Am I right in thinking that those saying low risk “0.04% transmission rate which a + partner” are airing on the side of caution?
With 30 years and 34 million+ affected you’d think that it would be approaching a conclusive stance.

Sorry to bother you. I’m looking forward to reading your answers.
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HIV is always confirmed by the test, not by the symptoms. Trust your test report which is conclusive. Any HIV Duo (Antibody+Antigen) test is conclusive anytime after 4 weeks. Therefore there is no doubt about accuracy of the test.

To start with, oral sex is a Zero risk activity, therefore your risk never existed and any test done will always come Negative because you were never exposed.
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Also stop googling for death cold turkey and stop examining your body for ARS cold turkey otherwise you will never be able to relax. You likely don't know what lymph does so shouldn't be poking and irritating it then think you can make a diagnosis. We rely on expert docs so don't pay attention to whatever site you locate otherwise we will be here arguing all day about some theoretical risk that has never manifested in 40 years of hiv history - not productive to worry about that.
Great, thank you for the advice guys, I should have trusted my test results and also my blood count results as I’d assume an untreated HIV infected persons white blood cells wouldn’t climb if his not on treatment.
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