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Oral sex from hiv + man

Hello Everyone!
I need help with something that has been worrying me for the past couple of days. On December 15Th I performed oral sex on a man he cum outside of my mouth (in the floor) all i can feel was the taste of his precum which i try to spit everytime i could, after the oral sex i went back home and didn't brush my teeth instead i used a mouth wash. two days later i found out that he is positive he told me that he had no idea and was very surprised because his last test was two months ago and came out negative. he is not on meds and i dont know his viral load. So immediately got tested and came out negative but I'm going crazy thinking about it because i have to wait 12 weeks to get tested again A couple of days ago i went to see a dr. that specializes in HIV/aids he told me that i dont have nothing to worry about and that i should get tested in 8 weeks just for making things sure and he hasn't seen a infected person form oral sex in 25 years of his career.
Three days after that  I saw another doctor who told me the exact same thing but i live in a small town of méxico can you please tell me any advice about my doubts, I will really appreciated
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The doctors told you right. You have nothing to worry about. He's just being ultra-conservative by telling you to test. Stay calm, and expect a very negative result.
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Thank so much for your advice is this moment i am on antidepressants to help me sleep and not have panic attacks. But i feel HIV symptoms but the doctor are telling me that is all in my brain. And part of it is true because when im around people, I don't feel them. I'm not training to be rude or irrespectful but do you have any experience in this matter?

I feel very lonely right now and nobody else now about my condition.

So i thank you again for taking  the time to respond my question.
God Bless.
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