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Oral sex hiv risk from giving felatio

Annoyingly a guy I was giving felatio to cum in my mouth without telling me. I never let a guy cum in my mouth because I often have small cuts on the side of my cheek from a bit of biting/chewing them when nervous. As soon as I realised I spat and only a small amount went into my mouth. Anyway I have been very worried and after a couple of weeks experienced mild night sweats but no other symptoms. I tested with a second gen hiv home test which was neg after 7 weeks.

Should I be worried about HIV?
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Oh, well, this is not a risk for HIV.  HIV is only spread through unprotected vaginal or anal sex (with penetration) or sharing IV drug needles.  Air and saliva inactivate the virus. So, oral sex never results in transmission. There isn't a single documented,  proven case of it happening in 40 plus years of HIV data.  Even with the cut in your mouth, you will not get HIV this way.  So, no risk or reason to test.  
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I hope you are right. I know there have been some proven cases of hic via oral just hope I'm not one of them
Absolutely INCORRECT. There are no proven cases of hiv being caused by oral sex. Wrong. Incorrect and this is a moderated forum that does not allow inaccurate answers. ZERO risk.
hiv science is 40 years old with no proven cases, and there won't be any in the next 40 years of your life either.
I'm just going by what Dr Hunter Hansfield commented on ASHA education
New people people contract long haul Covid every day all over the world. You have far greater chance of developing long haul covid from this activity than hiv (roughly equivalent to being hit by a meteorite as you type.) _ Do you fear a meteorite hit? If so your priorities are mixed up.  
This makes no sense
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