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Oral sex on women sexworker, HIV symptoms

About 5 weeks ago I had protected sex With a sex worker but I went down on her(not protected).

After a few days till today I have sore throat, difficulties swollowning and I have issues in my mouth with hard bump in my mouth where my bottom gun inside and also dry mouth, and burning type toungue, and a couple of days ago more bumps at the back of toungue.
I had a full blood test, in the second week and all came back normal, as the doctor thought it might be mouth cancer. They have referred me to dentist.  My lips feel sensitive I’m guessing though this infection I have in my mouth.
I have not had a high fever or rash or drenching night sweats,  I’ve always suffered from sinutus and that has come back this week. I wouldn’t be so worried but I do feel week at times and not sure why mouth has burning sensestion.
I’ve read oral sex is low and by Lizzie Lou I think her name on this site, states that there Is zero risk yet in other Sites they state the low risk.
Exetemly worried.. checking every day for the rash. When is the rash meant to appear?
Please help, having thought of ending it all.
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Cunnilingus is a No Risk activity for HIV i. e.  "Zero Risk"

The only confirmed risks for the sexual transmission of HIV are unprotected penetrative vaginal and anal intercourse. As long as you consistently and correctly use condoms for these 2 sexual activities, you dont have to worry about HIV.

Move on with Your Life. You dont have any HIV concerns
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Thank you Pagal_guy, then should I be concerned about any other STD, as these issue in mouth are getting worse. but what is strange is that the uvula has been swollen fro some time?
It feels better with salt water, but I've noticed i get dry mouth a lot.
Lastly thank you for your prompt response
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M17_mit, You may post your STD/ STI related question under STD / STI forum here on Medhelp
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