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Oral sex question

In January I had met this girl and we have had protected sex.
On the other hand we had unprotected oral where I went down on her and she went down on me.
Its been 2 months past and I've been getting stomach cramps as well as itching in my body with no marks or pimples. Is this something I should be worried about for STD or anything else or am I just over worrying myself?
Please help.
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No risk for HIV. Possible risk for STI's
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Hello, regarding HIV, oral sex is not considered a risky activity, there are no reports of people getting HIV by doing that you did. There is no need to worry or get tested for HIV, however unprotected oral sex might be a risk for other STDs, you could ask in the respective forum if you wish.

About your symptoms, ARS is the first stage of an HIV infection, is the body’s reaction to the infection. Some HIV positive people, but not all of them, reported that around 20 days after their exposure they had fever, sore throat, rash and flu (not cold) like symptoms, all of those came together, or within a few days of difference and lasted for a few weeks. As you see, the same symptoms are present in many other illnesses and not everyone had them, so, we can’t rely on them to diagnose HIV.

The symptoms you describe don't sound like HIV or ARS, but the most importan thing is that you weren't exposed to any risk, and only for that (and not any symptoms or the absence of them) you have no reason to worry.
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I totally agree with B23121 that you had no risk for HIV  from the protected vaginal sex but possible risk for other STD's from the oral sex which you should test for.
It is recommended that anyone who engages in oral sex should be tested every three months as a preventive health measure.
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By the way, I completely agreed with RubyWitch and B23121 advising, just wanted a add a little more detail that wasn't essential anyway.
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