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Oral sex with csw without protection

Dear all

I had oral sex "bj" with a csw fir more than 40 min without protection, that my penis was in her mouth

Is there any possibility that there will be HIV infection from her??

Thank you in advance for your answer
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You do not need to test for HIV.  Oral sex is not a way that it is transmitted.  Unless you have unprotected vaginal or anal sex or share IV drug needles, you do not need to worry about HIV. This particular forum is just for HIV concerns. There is an STD forum. Unprotected oral sex does open up the possibilities of some std's. But HIV is NOT a concern.
Thank you very much for your answer, I'm really appreciate.
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Nobody in the history of HIV has ever proven to have got HIV via receipt of oral sex. So much so that even the most cautious of experts call it no risk.

So you don’t have to worry about HIV, other STIs are possible but not HIV.
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Thank you very much for your answer,
So you suggest that I don't have to do tast for HIV?

When should I do test for the other STIs?

Thank you in advance for your answer about those two questions
So I don't have to do test for HIV?
When should I get tested for other STIs?, because its been 12 days since the contact, and I'm not facing any symptoms.
Thank you in advance for your reply
Hi Yan,

Hope this reaches you ! I missed it in the feed.

No I don’t recommend testing for HIV you have no risk for that I’m sure.

STI tests (if you like ask in the STI forum I’ll give you a more in-depth response)

But chlamydia and gonorrhoea anytime after a week.

Syphilis but tricky but probably reliable after 6 week (but don’t be surprised if your medical provider recommends 12 week)

That said all things considered I doubt you have any of these. Again if you post in the STI forum I’ll let you know more.
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