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Oral sex with men

Hlo...I a man.I had oral sex with a man..After 2 weeks all symptoms appered ..Flu like for more than 3 months.Pharyngitis ,swollen glands persistent near 6 months(now).I tested HIV Ab at 80 days it comes non reactive...Then doctor told me test is accurate..But symotoms continuos I again went to hospital. They suggested  western blot it is non reactive after 3.5 months(110 days) .Is it conclusive or I need another test?
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I did overkill and meant no risk despite any mouth abrasions which I thought was pretty clear message -  so just stick to this simpler reworded message instead. No one in 40 year HIV history got HIV from oral sex.
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But some told oral sex is a risk...??
Western blot is accuracy at 3.5 months?
This chatline is not a newspaper doing reports around the world, so if you feel more comfortable with other sites that is your preference.
We use CDC and expert doctors for guidance advice.
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Cuts and chaped lips during oral sex is a risk activity?
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HIV is inactivated in saliva, HIV is inactivated in air. Those are 2 reasons you and everyone else in 40 year HIV history can't have HIV from oral sex despite cuts, chapped lips etc. So you wasted your time testing.
Symptoms aren't used to diagnose HIV and you have no medical training, so it is not surprising that you are puzzled trying to self-diagnose what a test has proven you don't have.
Everyone gets flu but few have HIV. Living with fear based on the faulty premise that you are dying there is a high probability that the self diagnosed symptoms are psychosomatic and you have nothing wrong anyway.
Consider therapy for your HIV obsession, as it is quicker than waiting around for tests, so might provide quick relief.
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Anyone help me!!!
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