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Oral sex without condom - I am worried!

Hi all,

On August 7, I had protected vaginal sex with a prostitute while traveling Europe. It went like this: first she gave me oral with a condom, then we had protected vaginal sex with a different condom... after that she removed the condom and gave me oral without condom. After we finished, she told me not to tell my friend that she gave me oral without the condom at the end (she gave oral to my friend before me, but with condom on). Why the heck did she say that??? I am confused.

Now all kinds of weird thoughts are going through my head.... Could I catch HIV from her giving me oral sex without a condom? I know that you said there are very low risks with oral sex, but still I'm very anxious about this and can't stop thinking about this problem.

What if there was something else there? When do you think I should get tested? I read that after 6 weeks it is OK to get tested?

I don't know if this person was HIV positive or negative. My friend told me that it's probably nothing and that I am over-exaggerating, telling me that it is very difficult to get HIV from oral sex.

How can I wait for 6 weeks or even 3 months like this??? I don't know what to do, I'm constantly thinking about this inside me and I'm playing the "scenario" of what happened in my head over and over again, trying to rationally come to the answer that will satisfy me and give me peace.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for answer.
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You never had an exposure.
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wow that was very fast answer, thanks for that Teak.

How do I know that I never had an exposure? What if she had some blood in her mouth or something? I don't know if she had it or not, that's what's bugging me.

btw how does a swollen lymph node look like? I have something that appeared on the back of my head, it looks like bigger acne. It does not hurt.

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On August 7, I had protected vaginal sex with a prostitute while traveling Europe. It went like this: first she gave me oral with a condom, then we had protected vaginal sex with a different condom...

Key words:
Protected vaginal
oral sex
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yes, but what about unprotected oral sex? I read on other sites that still there is a risk with unprotected oral sex.

Do you think I need to test?
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Oral sex is not a risk of HIV transmission. No you do not need an HIV test.
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I forgot to mention.... after we finished I didn't shower right away, so her saliva might have stayed on my penis for several hours. Could that have been a risk for HIV?

This problem is driving me crazy, I slept very bad and my head hurts. Don't know what to do.
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Saliva is not infectious and it also contains over a dozen different proteins and enzymes that inhibit HIV transmission.
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Teak, thanks for answering my questions promptly.

I have used the same bill with prostitute to take some speed before sex. Now I regret and hate myself for doing all that. But what's done is done......  Did I have any risk with sharing the same bill for taking speed??? I don't know if there was her blood on the bill (I can't remember). Is there any risk with this activity? I heard that while on drugs, your immune system is weaker, therefore it's easier to get HIV?

How can I dissociate myself from thinking about this problem? I feel that the only way for me is to get tested after 3-month point.

I keep thinking that something must have been wrong there. I keep looking myself in front of the mirror and "looking" for any visible symptoms on me, like swollen lymph nodes, rashes and stuff. I know this is not a productive behavior, but I just don't know how to move one (for now). My mind is constantly looking for an answer that will satisfy me.

Then I explain to myself everything logically:

I had protected vaginal sex -> No risk
I received oral sex without a condom -> No risk

but there's always some "what if" in my mind. I hope it will get better over time. If anyone has something to add, please do so.. I am kinda desperate over here... Thanks.
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No risk for HIV.
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It's been several months now and from time to time I am still very anxious about this. There are days when I'm ok, there are days when I'm not OK and still have some doubts about this.

I'm thinking that "something might have happened" there when she was giving me oral sex that I'm not aware of... like blood from her mouth or something..... I don't know that for sure. This was a prostitute that we picked from the street, although I wouldn't say she's IV drug user.

I am constantly thinking that I might need testing after all... To be honest, I'm even more frightened about testing.

Any thoughts?
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go get a test,it`s not scary , even if you positive (which is not) you will find someday ,so you have nothing to worry about
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He doesn't need a test he didn't have a risk.
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I went threw the same problem. I know just what your going threw. Nervis, stressing, always thinking about it. My advise is dont stress read the facts from the experts about oral sex. And dont worrie. At 3 months take a test for peace of mind. It will come back neg. And everything will be good.

And remember the experts say no risk. They know there stuff.
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I'm really glad you said that "Saliva is not infectious and it also contains over a dozen different proteins and enzymes that inhibit HIV transmission."

since you are busy and always answer short no, now i know why.

I have been antcious for many months, just worried over unprotected oral sex i experienced with, that get me chlamydia infection. althoug a whole forum said it is impossible......

I did get the elisa test result - in 3 month, but 1 month prior the test  I also take acyclovir, i scared about aciclovir interfere with the test result.

till today that incident still bother me till today, right now it is 4.38 am. I woke up in from sleep. becuase something remind me about HIV risk..... and i start this internet search again.

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Guys sorry to bring back old thread, but.... I still haven't tested.... So I have a girlfriend and I had sex with her several times..... Yesterday she showed me 2 rashes on her leg, it looks kinda black-ish.... and it reminded of my problem right away!

I feel that the only way to have peace of mind is to get tested.....

Sorry but I just had to post this somewhere...
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You never had an exposure.
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Read into what the experts say about oral sex. You did not have a risk.
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