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Oral sex worried

Dear doctor and experts,

I have couple of unprotected oral sex during earlier this month (2-4 jan)
During the oral sex , no semen was contacted in my mouth as i was being quite cautious on it.however I am not sure about precum as it is very difficult to tell. I do have swollen gum from time to time and a hole in my teeth. I am also unsure about their hiv status

Yesterday I started to have this rashes appear my chest and this morning it was 90% gone.i don't have flu like symptoms or diaherra.

I am so worried about chances of getting HIV , I came across a study saying that oral sex has a risk of 0.4-1% of getting HIV , in my case , without the semen contact in my mouth, do you think it will be lower ?

To add on if it matters , I went out whole afternoon doing extreme cycling , the rashes appear in the evening when I get back from cycling.

Wanted to hear your advice on this and chances of getting HIV , should I go for test soon ?
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I won't comment on other websites "opinions" on oral sex.
Unless and until I see some scientifically proven instances of transmission, and to date there are no credible ones, I will side with this site's stance on oral sex.

From what is known about the pathological mechanics  HIV transmission, oral sex is just not plausible.
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If oral sex was your only activity then no, you do not need to test for HIV.Other STI's yes. But not HIV.
Anecdotal reports of acquisition of HIV via oral sex are due to erroneous reporting and  errors in data gathering . It is biologically only possible in theory.
It does not happen in the real world.
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Thank you for your feedback.

Just to verify that no semen contact just oral sex has no risk at all ?

But the aids organization mentioned that there are still low risk (but still are some risk ) if oral sex was unprotected, especially when there are open wound and bleed , in my case , there are swollen gum and big hole in my teeth.

Is it a theory that oral sex is impossible to contract HIV but for conversative reason all the aids group listed oral sex activity as low risk ?

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Thank you for your feedback .
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