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Oral sex

Good morning  I had unprotected oral sex with a csw  and she told me she c#m  while I was licking her , we had protected sex and a kissing , how is my risk if she is hiv postive
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So I shouldn't take pep here and just wait 3 months and get tested
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No, you absolutely do not need pep and it would not be indicated for this. It's not even indicated for an unprotected vaginal or anal sex exposure UNLESS someone is KNOWN to be hiv positive.  So, no to pep. You also do not need to test.  You will not get hiv from oral sex.  
After when I performed oral sex on her I saw some little red bumps inside my lips , I don't know if it would get in there
Again, the risks of how one actually gets HIV are spelled out for you.  You did not participate in anything that would transmit the virus. So, you had zero risk.  There is really nothing I can add to that as it has been explained that air and saliva inactivate the virus.  No one in all the history of HIV has gotten it through giving oral sex.  Not a single proven, documented case. Even with your red bumps, this is not a risk.  
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Oral sex is safest forms of sex even if she is hiv positive your risk of getting infection is zero unit and unless u have deep tissue  large bleed sores in mouth or esophegous
U r safe!!!!
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So I shouldn't take pep here and just wait 3 months and get tested
Actually, this is untrue.  Oral sex has never proven to be anything more than a theoretical risk in such instances and NO ONE has ever gotten HIV from oral sex in all the years they've been studying it.  Not a single proven, documented case.  The only risks for HIV are to have unprotected vaginal or anal sex or to share IV drug needles. So, you had zero risk and would still would not get hiv in the real world if you had sores in your mouth.

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