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Oral sex


I did an oral sex more than 5 month ago without condom. A woman sucked my penis for less than 1min and I *** (in that time my penis was in vertical position and it was Cumming slowly ). after around 20 minutes I did vaginal sex on her with a condom.
Is it possible to get STD particular HIV with this sex? I got after 2month the following symptoms;

After some weeks it was itchy my whole body; particularly skin of my penis, my stomach and legs). 1month after this the following symptoms started.
Fever (occasionally since 3month ago, still exists)
Fatigue(it last around 2month)
Red rash on ankles (purpura rash like, it last 3days)
Night sweating (occasionally, still exists)
A little Swelling on my thyroid nodes area (still exists)

Three of these symptoms last around 3months (fatigue, night sweats and occasionally fever).

Can this be the symptoms of HIV or maybe hepatitis? I’m very anxious about this. Regarding the rash, I have to say that I was using Ibrofen tablet that time for my tooth abscess (can the rash be a result of the tablet). Some days before starting these symptoms I was so worry about the unprotected oral sex and I was so stressful and anxious. Can it Leeds to these symptoms?  Homany percent can it be HIV?

I think I have lost the weight to some extent. Still I have night sweats (some nights).

Please help me,
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You didn't have a risk of contracting HIV. You had a small risk of contracting STDs from oral sex.
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thank you for your comment.
I forgot to mention one symptoms in the list. I got symptoms like leukopenia as I got fever, rash, night sweat ... . I'm so worry about this. (I had tooth bases in that time and I don't know that if it can led to leukopenia  or not!)
the other thing is that I have still swollen thyroid and while i shave it appears more than before then i shave as long time as it is possible. please help me I'm so anxious.
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Hi there,

If you only received oral only...you are NOT at risk of HIV infection.Hence, your symptoms are not related to HIV.

I wouldn't even suggest you test for HIV for this incident.  However, I encourage all sexually active people to have STD (including HIV) examination at least once a year.

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thank you for your comment,

if it is true that you have mentioned then what is these symptoms with me, particularry NIGHT SWEAT whic it is still exist. what shall i do?? I'm so so afraied about this.
I forgot to tell you that some time I feel pain on my lymph nodes (under arm).
please help me?
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Hi there,

I am unable to make a diagnosis over the internet.  However, your sypmtoms are not specific or related to HIV infection.

I would recommend you consult your medical professional regarding your sypmtoms.
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