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Oral thrush at 6 weeks, Antibody test at 6 weeks

Hello everyone,
Ive kind of been worrying myself to death, I was hoping someone could help me?

I had drunken sex (Inc Oral) with a girl I barley knew over 6 weeks ago now. After oral wanted to stop oral as she was close to her period.... which had me worried given later symptoms.
Dr diagnosed me with Oral Thrush at 6 weeks and I had an antibody test at 6 weeks. Test came back negative but my oral thrush isnt going away despite me taking anti fungal medication.(It is getting slightly better though).

I read that Antibody tests are really accurate at 6 weeks but not conclusive.... But thrush has me worried, given I have no obvious reason for my immune system being down to get thrush, despite it being flu-season.

Could Thrush by a HIV symptom despite the early antibody test?  

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Did you use a condom for the vaginal? Oral is not a risk for HIV, btw.
Yes, I used protection thankfully.
Ive just been kinda freaked out by the timing of this oral thrush, and worried that I may have  come into contact with menstrual blood
People who wear dentures get thrush too, but that doesn't mean dentures cause HIV. You can't link up your non-risk for HIV and say the timing proves the thrush is from HIV.
You had no HIV risk so it is time to move on.
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With your 6 week test negative, cause of these orao thrush is not be HIV infection. Today HIV test is accurately conclusive after 4 weeks however even eatlier tests were highly reassuring at or after 6 weeks mark and the experys never seen anyone reported negative at 6 weeks but turning otherwise in the subsequent weeks.

Really? That sounds reassuring but why do they ask that you come back at 3 months?
3 months guideline was for older generation of the tests
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