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Oral wart?

Last year i was diagnosed with penile warts after the sexual encounter with a girl of unknown status. There was only a single big wart under my foreskin which i have treated with ACV and other home remedies. The wart has not recurred since (after 8 months of existence). Now for few weeks i was unable to have proper dental care, and i had developed a loose flap of skin at the end of my partially erupted wisdom teeth. I highly suspected it as a  big wart (as it looked like one) and didnt look like operculum to me. So i got to my dentist, he removed it with laser, he didnt say its a wart. Now after 2 days of removal i again seem to have it developing back as white debris or something. Now i am 100% sure its the oral wart from my HPV infection. And furthermore i am starting to doubt that i am HIV positive, as only HIV positive people get oral warts. Btw i tested thrice after the exposure (4 months, 9 months and 12 months afterwards), first 2 tests being 3rd generation rapid kits and third one 4th generation elisa rapid test. Apart from this i dont have any health complication, apart from some bumps on nose and infrequent leg pain. I am married man, and although i never had unprotected sex with my wife (only protected with extremes measures to avoid any skin contact). But i have kissed her and had oral with her (performed, not received), and i am paranoid that i put her life to risk. I have been convinced that i am hiv negative by the anwers to my previous post, but this wart has again brought my life back to a nightmare. Any suggestion? I just cant keep on living like this forever.
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You don't have an HIV concern.
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Thanks teak for your response, you sure that i dont need another testing because only HIV positive people have oral warts?
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You have conclusively test negative.
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My throat was sore and felt like simthim was stuck so I stuck my finger in my mouth  I felt little bump it looks like warts and its makin my throat feel sore and skratchy
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If you are concerned about your throat see your physician.
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Oral warts can appear in the mouths of people who do *not* have HIV. In fact, it is becoming more common.

If you are concerned you have HIV, get tested. Since money is a concern, go to a STD clinic or Planned Parenthood.
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