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Oral yeast infection and HIV risk

Hi, everyone! I had sexual act when I was drunk, I don't remember with whom and protected or not. I tested for HIV after 1 week and the result was negative. Doctor said to test after 3 months. After 3 months I tested for PCR and simple HIV test the 3rd generation. The result was negative. After 6 months tested again but now it was express test in the AIDS center in my town - negative. After 9 months - negative and I got married, because doctor no need to test again that I was HIV free. After a year and 2 months - negative. But after 2 months after that night I got white furry coat on my tongue and bad smell after drinking milk products and sweeties. And it is lasting till today. And my wife also noticed white furry coat on her tongue. I am very depressed and I think  she was infected from me. Please, help me, can HIV express test's result be reliable after 1 year and 2 months? Thank you for help.
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Let's talk about your risk situation first.  You don't know if you had a risk or not and there is a 50/50 chance you didn't really risk transmission of HIV.  HIV is only transmitted by the act of unprotected vaginal or anal sex with penetration or sharing IV drug needles.  Worst case scenario, you had unprotected vaginal and anal sex, it still poses a very LOW risk of less than 2 percent IF they are HIV positive, and ZERO if they are HIV negative. So, in reality, very little risk was actually involved under the worst of circumstances and you don't actually even know if that happened.  So, you are over worrying.

Second, testing.  You have tested a good deal.  ALL tests are accurate at 3 months.  Doesn't matter the type of generation, at the 3 month part, you can trust the result.  You tested conclusively negative months ago.  Your tongue has nothing to do with HIV.  Your partner's tongue REALLY has nothing to do with HIV.  At this point, you are sound to be suffering from anxiety and a guilty conscious. You gotta let that go and move on.  You don't have hiv.  
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Thank you very much. You know thinking about it over and over someday kills me, I have already lost interest to have fun, sex, bright future, it sucks.
Depression is difficult.  If that gets bad and you aren't functioning well, call your doctor.  but it is definitely over thinking as you do not have HIV.
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Any test is conclusive after 3 months so you are good.
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Your tongue probably always looked the way it does now, but maybe you never looked at it trying to figure out if it means you have a disease before. However no one can diagnose from here, so if you are still concerned then you or she should see doc or maybe your dentist to see if there is a problem, but it is not hiv. You should not have tested more than once since you were proven to not have hiv, so you need to move on from this fear of a disease that you don't have.
Thank you, I appreciate it.
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