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Oraquick Accuracy?

Hello, I had unprotected anal sex with a friend of mine on Tuesday early morning and there was ejaculation. He took an Oraquick test that was negative and tells me that he hasn't had unprotected sex with anyone else. What has me a little worried is that he has been complaining of a headache and nausea for the past week. He also mentioned having a rash on his face, though I never noticed it, and he thought he had a fever. I'm concerned that these symptoms were possibly caused by ARS.

I've read that the Oraquick should be fairly accurate 4 weeks post-exposure, and ARS usually takes 3 weeks, so the timeframe seems fairly limited. And, I've read that if he was experiencing ARS that the Oraquick likely would have detected the antibodies. Is that true? Can anyone give me some guidance as to how accurate the test would be?

I've been on PREP prior to this, but unfortunately due to an insurance change, I am not currently on it. :(
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The Oraquick in home test (as I am assuming he took) is very accurate if taken 12 weeks post possible exposure.
4 weeks is more or less meaningless after a real exposure.
Symptoms are useless in assessing infection.
If you think you had an exposure you can have a 4th generation i.e  DUO test post 28-30 days or another Oraquick at 12 weeks.
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I'm not sure why you keep putting yourself in high risk situations.  You already had a scare after having unprotected sex with a partner who was +.  Eventually, your luck is going to run out.

I know at one point you were taking PrEp, which reduces HIV risk but does not eliminate it.  I just want you to be aware that taking PrEp doesn't eliminate the need to use condoms.

You're already aware of testing guidelines.  A DUO at 4 weeks will be conclusive.  Oraquick would be definitive at 3 months post exposure.

I really hope you start considering protecting yourself.  If you continue these risky behaviors, the chance that you will at some point end up infected is pretty significant.
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You're 100% right, and I tell myself that and I stop having sex for a few months, and then I put myself in a bad situation again. That's why I was on PrEP so that it would at least be some protection when I did this to myself.

I'm not sure why I do that to myself or how to really change my behavior when I seem to repeat it time and time again, even when I don't want to. It's certainly not a good feeling and causes unneeded stress.
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Your repetitive destructive behavior is abnormal. I would strongly recommend seeking out a qualified mental health professional.
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