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Oraquick fingerpick blood test Negative after 4 months

Hi doctor, during 1 year from 07/2014 to 03/2015, i had sex with 3 girls, and everytime i used condoms to protect myself and the condoms did not broke.
However, recently i felt uncomfort in my oral and got some fungi infection on my lips. So on 07/24/2015 around 4 months passed after the last possible exposure, i went AIDS project to got a test. The test is Oraquick finger blood rapid test, which showed the result in 30 mins. I got a negative result.
But i still felt uncomfort in my oral, a little bit dry and chronic pharyngolaryngitis.

1. I saw some research that the Oraquick got some possibility to get false negative especially within window period or late-staged hiv patient. Am i in the situation?
2. Will the results after 4 months definitive? Do i need further test like duo test or 4th generation lab test?
3. Am i really risky in HIV exposure?
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You never had a risk and your negative test proves it.
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Read what I told you
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Thank u, so i do not need further test??
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