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Oraquick oral fluid after 7 month post PEP

How conclusive is my negative oraquick oral fluid is at 7 months post PEP? Please answer me,do i need to go get blood test or this should be conclusive? I have been testing every months ever since i finished a dose of PEP using oraquick oral fluid. So should i trust my 7 month oraquick oral fluid and move on or should i go and get blood test?
Thank you for helping.
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No need to worry , you're safe.
Thank you so much for your answer,
I called Oraquick and i asked them same question and their answer was they dont encourage people to use oraquick oral fluid after a completion of PEP because they dont k ow how long PEP stays in one's blood,so that could bring a false negative results. Have even seen someone tested positive 7 month post PEP on other antibody tests and negative on oralquick?
What was your HIV risk? Any test is conclusive after 3 months and you normally have to wait 1 month after finishing PEP. Oraquick is just being ultra conservative with that advice they gave you.
My risk was a condom broke during sex and we didnt know that it broke until we were done,so pretty much he came inside of me,it was a vaginal sex. The guy was +,the next morning i went to the hospital and they tested me and gave me PEP,i took it for 30 days,after i was done with the dose i tested using oraquick oral fluid and my results came negative. I have been testing every month for the last seven months after  i completed the dose using the oralquick oral fluid and all my results came negative. Am just worrying if I should trust the results of those oraquick or not since Oraquick people said they dont encourage peoole to use their tests after they are done with PEP becausr they dont know how long the med stays in one's blood,it could give false negative. So even though it has been 7 months and i took more thn one test,and they all came negative,should I still be worrying about my results? Do i need to get a blood test or should I just move on?
Any test is conclusive after 3 months and you normally have to wait 1 month after finishing PEP. Oraquick is just being ultra conservative with that advice they gave you. So you are safe and need to stop testing.
Thank you so much,you have no idea how much you've helped me with your advice. This has really been making me sick,enxiety,depress,stressed,you name it. When i think about it i feel sick and get all the symptoms even night sweats,but when i try to ignore it i dont get any symptoms at all. Thank you so much for takung your time and help peoole like us.
Sorry i have another qustion, what is the different between 4th generation tests and the oraquick test? Are 4th generation tests more accurate than Oraquick even after 7 months of Pep completion? Wouldnt oraquick picked up something after all those months that i have been testing if i was +?
Thank you again,I was a little worried  since there so many sites saying that Oraquick is not reliable,just wanted to hear from you Medhelp doctors.
Any test is conclusive after 3 months, so it is all the same whichever one you use.
Thank you so much,you guys are great help.
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