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Oraquick test

I took an Oraquick at home swan test 6 weeks after a possible exposure which was negative
I am a female and I think the guy might of slipped the condom off midway into sex, as I know it came off at some point during the sex since he didn’t not cum in me or the condom

I know the Oraquick test is not conclusive at 6 weeks but does this give me a reassuring answer?
I also did a finger prick test at 8 days but I know that was way too early to tell

I just have a few questions

How accurate is the Oraquick swab at 6 weeks?

Does hiv take longer to show up in saliva and that’s why it’s not accurate until 3 months?

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*swab test
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As auntijessi mentioned to you in the STDs forum, the Oraquick is all but conclusive at 6 weeks.  You can take another for peace of mind at 12 weeks, but it is HIGHLY unlikely that you results will change.

Most home tests state 3 months, just to be on the safe side.  
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Ok thank you for you help now I will stop bothering you. I was just worried because I went to get blood work done today and asked if they could also do std blood work and now I was just scared that I would get a conflicting result, def time for some anxiety pills instead
You weren't bothering me.  I wanted to make sure to re-affirm what auntijessi told you.  She's very knowledgeable, but sometimes it helps to hear it again.  Do take care of yourself, and if you feel you have anxiety, please make sure to seek help for that.  No one needs to battle anxiety alone with everything else going on.
Thank you I appreciate it it definitely does help me to hear something again!
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