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Oraquick vs elisa in 6 weeks

Hi All,
Just wondering for the 6 weeks mark what kind of test is recomended? elisa blood test or oraquick advance (oral swab)? All I know is they are both almost the same reliable...

Oh my case is very low risk anyway and want to do this to ease my mind

1 unprotected BJ (receiving end) protected vaginal (condom is loose not slipped) around august 06
2 several protected BJ and vaginal with condom intact between august 06 - Jun 07
3 protected BJ, unprotected cunnilingus and protected vaginal on august 07

I got elisa test on August 14th and oraquick advanced on August 16th with non reactive result.
I got quite a few things like loose stools, gastro, loss appetite, and some times hurt on left side of stomach and right stomach (comes and goes) but so far no lymph node and fever (the highest was 99.1 that was like 1 week after the last act)
Went to the MD and he said it looks like anxiety problems.
So now it is about almost 6 weeks post the last act and I want to test but not sure which one should I take...
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Do not use the oraquick test, because they give more false positive results.
And that's the only positive result you're going to get - false positive.  You're wasting your time on HIV tests.
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wasting time on hiv test?
too low of the risk to warrant a test you mean?

Thanks reg..
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zero risk my friend....
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I saw some thread in the MD HHH forums about tooth brush and other mouth problems such as canker sore with Cunnilingus... they said it carries a theoretical risk... but MD said something about 0 risk  any idea about this?
too many info out there in the net that makes me wonder...
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There is a theoretical risk there, but it is too low to even start worrying about it.
You got a higher risk winning the next lottery.  Relax.
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You got the answer.

However, if you remain worried, get tested at three months and get a guaranteed negative result if this is the only thing that bothers you..

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Thank you guys... yes the only thing that bothers me is this unprotected cunnilingus...
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from all the research that i have done on the rapid test, The oral test is the one that gives most of all the false positives. The finger test doesnt have a high rate of false positive. Here where i live in Phoenix the testing site that i have been to tons of times i have always used the finger test and i have never had a false positive and i asked the lady there and they never had a false positive in there place and they only use the finger prik tests
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Should I just wait for 3 months mark to test to put all my worries behind or I need to test tomorrow (6 weeks mark?)
What do you guys think? I am gonna do the elisa test...
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It all depends on the person, like for me i am just doing 1 test at the 12 week mark, im not going to bother with the 6 week test because yeah it might be unlicky to ever change but it still isnt considered conclusive so why have to sit through another test again.
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make sense...btw what is your situation?
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you dont even want to know, I has nothing to do with sex as i have been in a relationship for years,
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