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Just because I have been a wreck the past few months, I decided to use the Oraquick test today. I'm not at the 12 week mark yet, it's been 9 weeks since my last possible exposure, but wanted to know if anyone knew if this would still be accurate?  

Reason I am so freaked out is because I had a TS CSW give me a rim job, and although I know that the medhelp community/doctors state that there is no risk for HIV, I am still concerned.  Any help to ease my mind would be very helpful.   Just really freaked out.
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You did not catch HIV from a rim job. For the test, you are about 99% accurate, but 100% HIV free from this encounter because you can not catch it this way. Relax, you are fine. don't waste your money on another test.
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The oraquick test was a swab test. Does that change the accuracy?

Also, I've read a few posts here that it is a low risk, so just curious how you can say that I am 100% in the clear?
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Hi also, HIV is contracted through unprotected insertive vaginal/anal sex, sharing iv drug needles and mother to child only.
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Does not change anything. Because they are wrong. If you don't believe me, go to the HIV prevention forum and post this question where it belongs. Getting your anus licked is a no risk.
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The HIV prevention forum is where I read it actually.  Dr. Hansfield said to someone else that oral poses "little to no risk", which to me implies that there is a possibility of HIV contraction. Am I misunderstanding what he is saying?  Not trying to be combative, just need clarification. Hope you understand.
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Getting rimmed is not oral sex (blowjobs) and the doctors cannot say for 100% because of theory. Is it possible that the earth could explode? Yes, but will it. Probably not. Cannot conclude 100%.
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Rimming is a form of oral sex. "mouth is used" and not a risk of HIV transmission.
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Thank you Teak.
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One last question. Do you recommend another test at 3 months, or the current tests are sufficient?  Your opinion would help a lot. Thanks
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You never needed a test.
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