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Hi just want to have ease of mind and clarification I had a possible exposure 15 years ago and on the forst week of January 2016 I have some flu like symptoms and mouth problem that is similar to oral OHL or maybe it is...I tested negative woth oraquick lans Feb. 2016 but then I read an article about late stage of HIV and that oraquick may produce false negative due to antibody issue...since it was 15 yeas ago from possible exposure do you think I need to test again? I have no strength to test again honesly im afraid. pls help
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"15 years ago on the first week of January 2016????????????"

If you took the Oraquick at 12 weeks or over, it was accurate.
"but then I read an article about late stage of HIV"

Thats when you are terrible sick to the point you can't produce antibodies anymore. I doubt this describes your current health. You'd be in the hospital.

As above, it was accurate.
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well I may have flu somewhere in the course of that 15 years but while reading about oraquick and late stage HIV what are my chances of having a false negative? It was an article I read on the internet that the pt. was swab 2-3 times but tested negative and tested positive on the western blot...the pt. was presenting with oral thrust, in my case I have a similarity with oral OHL, flu and sore throath all the check list in HIV seroconversion and late stages hiv symptoms im having except wt. lost I just dont have the courage to get tested again :( im scared as hell
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You would of been deathly ill years ago if you had HIV. You don't have HIV. You had a test that proves this. You have a flu. People get the flu. It is common.
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Stop reading the internet too. You know how much false inaccurate crap you can find on the internet? If you are that worried about something that happened 15 years ago. Take a test and collect your negative result.
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thank you for your time with honest and truthful reply...I just couldnt shake it off woth this symptoms I got...and also what could be the circumstance that I was swabbing the wrong way? I sure did swab upper and lower gums once, it may touch the cheeks but im not sure.
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