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I just had a negative oraquick swab at 5 weeks. But I am not sure if it was done right. I first put it inside my left cheek and then put in in the upper gums between my teeth and lips then she made me move it all around. There was some saliva on it when i was done. I am not sure if I did it right. Is this negative a correct result?
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Hi there,

Yes, the procedures were correct.  The result at 5 weeks is very encouraging.  However, if you have a real risk, like unprotected sex, do test at 12 weeks for a conculsive result.

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so even though it touched my cheeks and there was saliva on it, it is okay?
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That's what its suppose to do. The swiper is collecting cells from your cheek and gums.
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Is there any way it can give me false negative result like if i didn't press it in the gums and cheeks enough?
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For one you didn't have a swab for an Oraquick test. Oraquick test is a blood test.

The OraQuick Rapid HIV-1 Antibody Test checks for HIV-1, the virus that causes AIDS, in a person’s blood. The test detects antibodies to HIV-1 found in blood specimens obtained by fingerstick or venipuncture. As is true of all HIV screening tests, a reactive test result needs to be confirmed by an additional, more specific test.

When testing a fingerstick specimen, the fingertip is cleaned with alcohol and pricked with a lancet (needle) to get a small drop of blood. The blood is collected with a specimen loop and transferred to a small plastic vial containing a premeasured volume of developing solution, into which the sample is mixed. The testing process is the same for a whole blood specimen obtained by venipuncture. The specimen loop is inserted into the tube of blood after the tube has been inverted to ensure the blood is well mixed. The loop is then inserted into the test vial. Results of the test can be read in as little as 20 minutes.

How about the Oraquick Advance HIV 1/2 test it can be used with or fluids or blood?
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This was an oral test not a blood test.
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Oh then you don't know if it was OraSure or Oraquick Advance.
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I think it was Oraquick Advance but I am not sure if it was a false negative since I didn't rub it in my cheeks and gums a lot. I rubbed it there but not vigorously.
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If you didn't do it correctly you wouldn't have had a result on the test.
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so does that mean if you have a result you did it correctly? What happens when you don't do it correctly? What is the result then? Thanks.
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Is it true if the test isn't done properly the control line doesn't show up?? Please advise.
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