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P24 antigen

So I read p24 antegens are detectable at approximately 10 days post exposure and peak at 16 days. So would a generation 4 duel test at 13days be helpful or do I need to wait the recommended 28 days
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Just make up any window period that you feel comfortable if you want to take that placebo test. You didn't believe any of the advice you got here before, because the only science you believe in is your own science fiction theory  so you won`t believe any more advice now.
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Didn’t say I didn’t believe the advice  just trying to put it in perspective and be on the safe side cdc says not zero risk but low I get what you have said just asked a follow up question  it makes since your advise I am just reading a lot of different theories on the net and nothing is conclusive except testing so I was asking about that
The first step to peace is to stop cold turkey. - stop googling cold turkey and cold turkey stop pretending you can become a doctor with no medical training.

I am not sure why you keep making new threads here because you disagree with all the advice given and tell everyone that you already know the answers that you are trying to make us believe, so this is a bit of a mental issue that you should talk with your doc or a therapist. Seek one on one help from doc or a therapist, instead of googling for death until you find something that scares you,  then post it on chat forums hoping someone can give you a miracle cure to make you feel calm..
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You were provided with clear responses on 2 instances:



You have been around since last 4 years and have had issues with anxiety. There is nothing for you to worry about HIV, don't confuse guilt of cheating and / or issues inside of your head with having sex with a transgender with HIV fear.

This is an HIV prevention forum and you don't have a relevant concern, please see a counselor to address your real issues objectively.

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