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P24 test + HEP B Vaccine

Hello, first of all, sorry about my english. And thanks to all the people taking care of the website from wich i am getting a lot of great information.
This is my question to the doctors in the website: i ve had a sexual encounter with a women wich i found out later she is HIV +. During the intercourse the condom broke cuz she was no too much lubricated. I founf out the broken condom between the last 5 or 10 min of intercourse. The whole thing last like 30 min i assume, but in the last 10 or 5 i found it the condom was broke. Before that, i mean, in the first 20 min, the condom was ok cuz i was cheking it since in a while.
After this, 2 days later she did and HIV test wich came up POSITIVE. Now i ve lost the track of the lady.
I am very scared and i made a P24 test after 15 days. Wich i ll have the results tomorrow.
Besides that, after the epidose i took the HEP B vaccine just in case, and now i am worried of having an P24 false positive because of the HEP Vaccine. Could it be possible?.

I ve also read that chances to catch HIV in a single episode of vagnal sex is very low for the male. Is this true?

Thank you Doc's. I will appreciate your response since i am very affraid of this happening.

Best Regards.

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P24 antigen tests are never conclusive. Take your antibody test at 6 weeks and if negative take your conclusive test at 3 months.
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Thanks Teak for your answer.
Yes i know. But i was wondering if there is any chance on getting a false psotive with the HEP B vaccine.

Anyway, having the result tomorrow as a negative will be for me (if it is a negative) as an antistress.

Everything for me now is a rollercoaster of emotions.

Of course i'll have the antibodys test in 6 weeks, and 12 weeks, praying for a neg result.

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I am very happy since i got my result from the p24 test today.

It has come back as NEGATIVE !...

Now i ll wait like 1 more month to recheck for HIV antibodys, but i am feeling much better since the p24 test was made after 17 days, and it comes back as negative...

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Hello Teak, just to let you know that i ve did two more test at 6 weeks:

HIV DUO, i was there in the lab, since i have gone there so many times i been talking to the ladys working there. The machine the use for the HIV is called VIDA...something, don't remember the whole name now. They told me that this test searchs for antobodys + antigens.

Result= Negative

Also, i did another P24 at 6 weeks (don't know why, just to check, just in case)

Result= Negative

So, Teak... Thank you for your guidance.
There's anything else that i have to do, any other test? besides the 3 month conclusive?

Do you think is a good sign having a neg result at 6 weeks.

Thank you Teak.
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Hello Everybody...

just to let you know that i was tested NEGATIVE at 8 weeks !

Best Regards.

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Hello Teak, i ve been following this thread since the last time you've posted a response.

Since you have more experience in this field i would really like for you to answer this last post. (sorry about my english).

I fell like i can trust because of your experience in all this matters.

Thank you in advance.


Should i continue testing?

I would really appreciatte your responde.

Best Regards.

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No further testing required. You are conclusively negative.
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Thanks for everything.

Best Regards!
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Hello Teak, this is me one more time.

I have some doubts about all the information regarding the window period. I ve seen that, that question seems to be the one millon dollar question.

So, I ve seen Dr. H stating that the CDC's own advise in no need test beyond 3 months. But i went to the CDC website, and they say, that in some cases you need to restest at 6 months.

That's why i have this doubt, you say 3 month is conclusive. CDC says the same thing?
I have right here the UK guidelines, and there, nobody talk about a 6 month test. In th uk guidelines they talk about the fourth gen test, and testing at 3 month mark would exclude HIV infection.
So, why everybody is handling different information. That's really pissing me off.

I was waiting for so long for my 3 month mark, and now i am reading manu things about a 6 month mark.

The girl that i have sex with, like i writte on the begining on my post was HIV +. So, is my 3 month mark (86 days) test conclusive?.

This is my test historial:
15 days-- p24 neg
45--- p24 + hiv duo vidas NEG
2 month-- HIV VIDA DUO NEG
86 days-- HIV DUO VIDA  NEG

I would really appreciate for your advise, since i ve been following you and Dr. H statement, and you always say that 3 month in conclusive.

I have this two post were you can find related discussions with post from dr. H and you.
Please, don't missundertand me, i am not judging your advise. Just giving you the threads were i found this information. I am trying to be as clear al possible because i found that my 3 month test is not giving me the relief that i needed.
Right now i have a girlfriend wich i want to protect from myself in the case am infected. I want to know if at 3 month mark, with my test done at 86 days, could it be possible to relax and have unprotected sex with her.
She is HIV-.

Thank you very much in advance.
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You are not on Chemo, you are not taking anti-rejection drugs for a transplant and you are not a chronic IV drug abuser. Your test was and is conclusive at 3 months post exposure. End of discussion.
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here you have the post i mention before:

Thank you Teak.



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Here is one more were Dr. H states CDC's own advise is not neccesary to test beyondafter 3 months.

Thank you teak for your time.

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