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Hi Doctor am a stressed lady here is my story i had unprotected sex with these guy for the first time on 25th feb 2014 out of fear i went to hospital and was given pep for 28 days after finishing i still tested negative with random hiv kit and did pcr test ,in the hospital i went my sample was misplaced for 2 days they called me suggesting i should go and give another sample  shortly they called again saying they have found my sample when pcr results came out they tested hiv-1 proviral DNA, i called the guy and demanded for an HIV test he turned out to be negative.it is exactly 70 days after the sex but am still negative with the HIV random test kit i exprecienced swollen lymph nodes after shaving my armpits. .my question is
1.)could i test negative for 70 days only to test positive at the 90 days?
2.) should  i rely on the pcr after the hospital misplacing my results?
3.)could there be a possibility that these guy had a false negative results?
4.)could the swollen lymph nodes be be a first sign of hiv infection?

it has been so stressful
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If the guy was negative then how can u be positive. You cant get hiv after having sex with non hiv person. Repeat the hiv antibody test after 3 months.
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Dont worry if the guy is negative then u cant get hiv from him unless you have sex with someone else who is hiv positive. Lymph nodes in armpits can easily be irritated if u poke them...dont worry have faith on almighty...
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Thanks andyjohn have been having sleepless nights  again how accurate is the hiv random kit?plz is there also a possibility to test negative 70days only to test positive at 90 days?
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PCR-DNA tests are not screening tests.
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There is no doubt that 70 days rapid hiv test is good indicator but for conclusive results please retest after 3 months....but dont worry because if the guy is negative then u r surely negative as per the scenario explained by you....
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Your 12 week test will be conclusive.
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Am patently waiting for 20 days to be over ...Wat % do you trust the hiv random kit tests?
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Don't post on others forums.
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Why vance2335?
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A negative antibody test three months post exposure will be conclusive.
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