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PEP and testing regarding

Hi all. I had an vaginal sex exposure with a call girl a 6 weeks back. So i started pep after 2 days from exposure i.e. on day 3. I took pep for 28 days. Now having weakness and fatigue and muscle pain, loss of appetite. I had tested on last day of my pep i.e. after 4 weeks from exposure for hiv rna test for hiv 1 and 2. Also done on same day hiv duo combo test. All came back negative. This was done on the 30th day after exposure. I read somewhere that hiv test must be done after 1 month from completion of pep.
Are these done test conclusive or i hav to do it again after 1 month from ending of pep medication date?
Plz reply in detail.
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Did you had unprotected Vaginal sex ? If Yes,  then it was a risk and you did the right thing to be on pep within 72 hours (Pep is very effective).

Your negative test is encouraging. However it is not conclusive as you need to take (4th gen duo) after 28days post finishing the pep.
Pep started on 70th hour... And it was protected sex but condom broke...
I am circumcised too...
And do rna pcr test conclusive after 30 days while taking pep???
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As already told you, PEP is very effective if taken within 72 hours which you did.

Get antibody test after 28 days post finishing PEP to be conclusive.
Is rna pcr test on 31 day while on pep conclusive
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You didn't need PEP from this incident. Your chances of acquiring HIV from this incident is substantially low. I am taken aback to see so many individuals that do not qualify for PEP but being on it! Can't seem to make sense out of this, really.

Ideally,  you should have just straight up taken a 4th Gen HIV test at 28 days with out the PEP.  

You do not qualify for a PCR RNA test, you were in no way in category of a "high risk exposure".

Recommended test for your situation is a 4th Gen HIV Ag & Ab test at 28 days post finishing PEP or alternatively, any standard antibody test at 6 weeks.  

No one here on this forum would be surprised if you get a negative result, that's how it has been for years for your kind of suspected exposure.
Hi... Thanks for ur reply... The standard antibody test should be done after 6 weeks mark after exposure or after completion of pep date? Plz reply
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6 weeks from the last dosage of your PEP medication.
Its been 5 weeks after exposure today i.e. 50 days and days after pep completed are 20 days after I had broken condom. You said its not a high risk but i ejaculated in her and after removing it we noticed the condom was broken. Now i am having dandruff and severe itching like symptoms on my chest, stomach, shoulders and armpits like atopic dermatitis. No other symptoms I hav done testing for allergic reaction which never occured to me in my life which shows increased IgE levels in my blood. I am also attaching the link which shows about allergic reactions. Plz guide further.
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Your symptoms don't mean a thing and they are your own diagnosis, it's cold and dandruff is a very common occurrence. I am not sure about your itching issues. Again, 'Atopic dermatitis' is your own guess. I recommend you to take care of your own hygiene.

Quit reading online and conducting self diagnosis, you are only creating issues for your ownself.

The right course of action is to wait for another 8 days and get a IV Gen HIV test. No other test can indicate HIV.
Disease doesn't follow  a schedule or else we would never get any diseases we didn't have before.Your thinking is not logical.
You got an itch and dandruff so see your doc to find what is causing the itch instead of wasting your time with your own ideas. Use a dandruff shampoo, like millions of other people  and stop thinking you proved it is HIV dandruff.
Thanks for ur replies... Actually i m too stressed and nervous... I showed a doctor for fatigue and back pain... They tested me for vitamin d and allergy for itching which showed vitamin d deficiency and not insufficiency i.e. it was less than 20 units and high IgE levels which shows highly allergic... And also very high LDH marker shown in blood test... I hav read somewhere that Vitamin D deficiency, and increased IgE and LDE levels are markers for having HIV... Is it true???
Plz guide...
Yes i will do combo duo test after 8 days... Thanks for responding
The right course of action is to wait for another 8 days and get a IV Gen HIV test. No other test can indicate HIV.
In the meantime while you wait 8 days, try to relax because nothing but your imagination is pointing towards you having HIV - you haven't tested so you have no facts!
Quit googling for death cold turkey, quit pretending that you can diagnose with no medical training  and stop examining your body for things that you then pretend are proving hiv, otherwise you will never get peace.
She is likely negative anyway if she always uses a condom, otherwise why would she spend money on them? She doesn't care about you, just wants to be protected from her clients because she doesn't want their hiv.
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