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PEP prescribed, need urgend advice.

Hello I'm a gay man in my late twenties. I broke up with my long term partner late last year (we were both hiv negative at the time of the break up).

I have made the mistake of seeing him again the other day and this happened:

- Kissing
- Mutual masturbation
- Oral sex, performed by both
- No ejaculation in the mouth, inadvertently there is a chance of precum being present.
- Nothing else!

He told me that he only had one encounter (anonymous hookup) after we broke up and it happened two weeks ago.
During that encounter he did all the things mentioned above (without kissing) and he had anal sex (passive) with a condom (that did not break).

I feel extremely guilty for even seeing him again as I am in a new relationship.I called my doctor after what happened and to my surprise he said there was a risk and he prescribed me Combivir and told me to start PEP to be safe. This is all freaking me out. I don't want to start PEP if I don't need it but I also don't want to put my new partner at risk. Is there really much cause for alarm? I heading towards the 48 hour mark so time is running out.

Thank you.
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The only adult risks for HIV are:
1) having unprotected, penetrative vaginal or anal sex with someone of unknown status, or
2) sharing intravenous drug needles

You had zero risk for HIV. I don't know why your doctor said you had a risk, but he is woefully uninformed.  PEP is generally reserved for those who have a risk encounter with someone who is known to be HIV+, or is very likely to be HIV+.  Neither of those applies to you.  

If your ex has not had unprotected intercourse with someone else since you broke up, he was never at risk for HIV either, and therefore, cannot give it to you. (Plus, as mentioned, this was NOT a risk event for HIV.)
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