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Painful lump under Armpit and oral thrush

Hello Experts, i am back again.

Please do not see me as a pest! i however want to let you know my health condition so that you guys can give me a better reply.

As explained in my previous posts (though we ruled out oral sex = 0 risk) , i had many unprotected sex some 5 years before, i was frightened and took 3 tests after oral sex (4,6, and 9 weeks) all negative.

during the course i couldnt sleep and got phyngitis and a small swollen lymph after 9 weeks (post my last test) and i was on antibiotics for almost 2 weeks (twice a day) and magic mouth wash(afresho)

i developed thrush and some discoloration of the tongue and tongue scalloping. thought it was ok after reading on the internet about oral thrush a side effect of antibiotics.

now today in the morning i suddenly developed a painful bump under my armpit :( its so painful when i lift my hand up.

i am not sure what im going through! my questions are

1. During the final Stages (AIDS and just prior to that) elisa test for antibodies do not detect ?
- apart from these i am overall ok, except some trauma to tongue during scaling

2. Can i believe those tests i have taken or should i continue testing on Dec 4th at my 3 month after oral sex

-- another important point is i had sex with my partner at 5 weeks after oral sex, will that influence my tests ? (reinfection / coinfection ?)

3. Am i in the last stage of AIDS ?

whenever these symptoms kick in - my feet will be burning

i might sound dumb! but you guys are experts and have seen many cases like mine

when i search internet... burning feet + oral thrush + bump armpit , you know what result will it provide :(
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one point missed , i had cold only for a one day(yesterday) running nose, sneezing dont have it today, but got a painful small lump under armpit
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Doesn't change a thing.
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Teak you put me to rest, but y do these suddenly come up now ?
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I just noticed that my penis head has red patches and little down its turning dark ... Any other STD perhaps ? In very sick now :(
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I don't know what to say .. Today got another lymph node next to the previous one under armpit, small but hard and moves beneath the skin.

The area near jaw hurts badly when I swallow or turn my head but don't see any abnormal swelling :( can my tests go wrong at 9 weeks ? I'm in my 12th week scared to go for a test
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See your doctor if you are concerned.
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And morning I got herpes outbreak :( (I'm diagnosed with both hsv 1,2)

Not able to go to office too :(

Yesterday met the dr confirmed candidiasis and gave me a cream for penile thrush and some tablets
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You do not have an HIV concern.
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Hi - this forum is specifically for questions about HIV risk.  Since you had no risk for HIV and have also had a conclusive negative result, this is not the appropriate forum for you.  If you have other health concerns, you should see your doctor.

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