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Paranoia or potential HIV?


A couple of years ago I had a long term boyfriend...we were both each other's firsts (or so he said, who knows!), but we broke up for about a year. After this time we got back together and he told me had had slept with one girl in our time apart. We had unprotected sex many times during this period we were back together - regretting this now, for the record!! Several months into it I had some swollen glands in my throat and i didn't quite feel right. After we broke up I went to the doctor to have a full STD screening (at most this was probably 3 weeks after we had last had sex). I had an HIV test and it came back negative. However, now I am concerned maybe this wasn't enough time? I know they say you should wait 6 months, but what are the chances that this test was accurate? Even about 2 years later I am still so paranoid and wondering whether I should get another test. I recently starting getting pimple break outs on my face (which i never had before) as well as hives (which I never used to get either). Could these be symptoms of the virus progressing in my body? How worried should I be? Thank you so much and I really appreciate any answers or advice :)
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It's not 6 months it's 3 months..
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self diagnosis via symptoms is a dangerous thing to do.. you could spin yourself into anxiety and depression. The reason why i say this is, the symptoms of hiv are common to many other illnesses and i dont think pimple break out are symptoms anyway..

The best thing to do would just be to get tested  now and itd be conclusive. Dont read too much into your symptoms you will just make yourself worried.
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